End users not getting it? How about you walk the talk?

November 23rd, 2009

The following blog post was inspired by the post, and various comments on, Quit Blaming The End Users It Is A Domain Industry Problem by Bruce Marler.

When a domainer claim end users are not getting it, I quietly think to myself, that it’s really just that domainer who doesn’t get it. When someone doesn’t “get it”, and it’s something I see as obvious, well then I’m to blame in ~99% of the cases, not those that I think don’t get it – I believe this applies to any subject/matter.

Consider this, if you want to sell your domain names, it means you’re in the business of marketing and selling a product which sole purpose is to market and sell! If you can’t sell that, then why do you think that an end user would believe your product is able to do just that?

Do you walk the talk?

Can you tell an honest story about how the domain(s) you’re using to market and sell your domains, has played a significant role in getting you a lot of good domain sales? Or do you even have one or more great domain names with the purpose of selling your domains – that makes just a little difference on your bottom line?

Let’s take a random example. If you believe that a pizza restaurant in Chicago should own ChicagoPizza.com as an important part of their marketing activities, then if you have any domains related to pizzas with end user potential, I guess you would own and have developed a nice concept around PizzeriaMarketing.com so you could make sure that end users are educated about domain names and pitch your own domain names, right?

Well, as of writing this, PizzeriaMarketing.com is unregistered, so I guess there are no domainers with pizza domains.. Yes, that’s a bit narrow minded to say, but bear with me, it’s just an example. But this is what you’re asking end users to do, yet you don’t do it.

This obviously doesn’t just apply to pizza restaurants, but any business where you as a domainer believe end users should understand the value of owning the right domain name.

So if you’re saying end users don’t get it, then I challenge you to walk the talk!

Heck, consider how effective this sales argument would be the next time you get an inquiry about one of your domains:

Well, just like you ended up at PizzeriaMarketing.com, and is now inquiring about this CityNamePizza domain name, imagine how it would be for your business if you owned and used CityNamePizza.com…

If you walk the talk, it’s not only going to make you reach more potential buyers, it should also add to your creditbility when you claim they need that domain name, because you can tell them a story they can relate to.

By now you might be all fired up with arguments against my point of walking the talk, and really leveraging domains to sell domains, maybe you’ve got reasons you think are perfectly valid to justify not doing it or why it won’t work. Now you need to counter your own arguments, because if you can’t do that, then you’re just like that end user you believe don’t get it.

Domain development blog underway

November 19th, 2009


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